Identification & Verification

  • When unable to complete electronic verification, we must identify the client from documents which confirm their identity and where they live.
  • FCA registered firms must ensure that documentation relied upon to verify aspects of a client's identity is copied and retained.
  • We reserve the right to request copies of identity documents seen for testing purposes.


Acceptable documentation

Two separate documents must be provided to verify the client's name, residential address and date of birth.

Documents must be originals and can only be used once throughout the whole process; i.e. used once for either address verification or for identification.

For Non UK/EEA nationals the only acceptable identification documents are passport with valid visa or biometric residence permit.

Identification Documentation
DocumentIdentificationAddress Verification
EU/EEA Driving LicenceYesNo
EU/EEA Identity Card (Must show photograph and signature)YesNo
Firearms/Shotgun CertificateYesNo
Northern Ireland Voters CardYesNo
UK/EU/EEA Passport (NonUK/EEA Passports must include a valid UK Visa)YesNo
UK Driving LicenceYesYes
Biometric Residence PermitYesNo
Bank, Building Society or Credit Union StatementNoYes
Benefits/State Pension Notification LetterYesYes
Blue Disabled Driver's Pass (UK only)YesNo
HM Revenue & Customs CorrespondenceNoYes
HM Revenue & Customs Tax NotificationYesYes
Allocation of National Insurance Number from Job Centre Plus/Department of Work & Pensions  LetterNoYes
Local Authority Tax BillNoYes
Local Council Rent Card/StatementNoYes
Mortgage StatementNoYes
Solicitors CorrespondenceNoYes
Utility Bill/ Utility Statement or a certificate/Letter from a Supplier of Utilities (excluding water bills)NoYes
Young Scot CardYesNo



How to certify a document

All ID documents must have the following present to satisfy certification requirements. This must be recorded by the FCA Registered Mortgage Intermediary:

  • Name of the certifier;
  • Signature of the certifier;
  • Date of certification, which must not be older than 3 months at the time of the application and;
  • Written confirmation from the certifier stating "I hereby certify that this is a true and correct copy of the original document as sighted by me" (suggested text / variations are acceptable).