• Valuations

    Valuation fees apply to all home movers (including BTL).

    Valuation fees are not charged on remortgages (where the loan amount is less than £1million).


    Your client can choose from three options:

    • Valuation only  - basic report to determine property's market value.

    • Valuation and Survey  - provides your client with information on any defects and provides a valuation for TSB - TSB will make a lending decision based on the valuation alone and do not receive the survey.

    • Building survey and valuation  - thorough inspection of the property which can be tailored to your client's requirements. TSB base their lending decision on the valuation of the property and do not receive a copy of the building survey.

    • Valuation Appeals - If your client wishes to appeal a residential property valuation, follow our Valuations Appeals Process

    Fees must be paid in advance - the valuer will not be instructed until fees are paid in full.