Foreign nationals

EEA and Swiss Nationals

Applicants will need to provide a 'share code' so TSB can check their settled or pre-settled status. Alternatively, should the customer have it, EEA and Swiss nationals must evidence permanent right to reside in the UK as per the current lending policy for foreign nationals from non-EU states.

Applicants from Ireland will not need to provide a 'share code' or evidence of permanent rights to reside, they will be treated the same as UK Nationals.

Non EU States

We can proceed if the applicant has permanent rights to reside in the UK which must be evidenced by one of the following documents:

  • A Biometric Residence Permit showing ‘indefinite’ rights to remain (also known as permanent residence).
  • Indefinite/Right of Abode UK Residency stamp in the passport.
  • A letter from the Home Office confirming the applicant's 'indefinite' right to remain in the UK.


Source of funds

  • Brokers are required to advise the customer that any funds paid into the mortgage account from sanctioned countries are not accepted.

Unacceptable Categories

Applications are not acceptable from:

  • Students
  • Persons with a working holiday visa
  • Applicants with Diplomatic immunity.



Refugees/asylum seekers must have indefinite leave to remain (also known as permanent residence). Documentation required to verify this consists of a Biometric Residence Permit or a letter from the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) advising the customer that this permission has been granted.