• Residential property valuation appeal process

    How to appeal

    If your client would like to appeal a residential property valuation, they must provide the following:

    • Evidence of three comparable property sales ideally within the last three months.

    This includes sale price, date of completion, full address of the properties and name of estate agents who sold the properties. Also include details of how the properties compare with the subject property in terms of size, age and condition as well as the distance between them.

    • Written evidence of the sale price and date of sale from the estate agents for each comparable property. We can’t accept an estimated asking price of a property that is not on the market.

    You will need to complete the Mortgage valuation and rental appeals form. The completed form and supporting documentation should be emailed to [email protected]. The email subject title must include the full property address and application ID.

    More information

    If your client has commissioned a valuation within the last six months this may be used as supporting evidence, but comparable sale details are still needed.

    We will not accept the use of a client’s own valuation (prepared by another valuer) in place of the one commissioned for our purposes.

    New build

    For new build properties any evidence provided must be directly comparable. And, where ‘incentives’ have been provided by the house builder, these should be clearly documented.