• Rate Switch index valuation appeal process

    How to appeal

    If your client would like to appeal the index-linked valuation, a revaluation can only be arranged where:

    • There has been an increase in accommodation size
    • Additional land has been purchased
    • There has been material work undertaken e.g. complete renovation, major updating.


    Your client has information on property comparables and can provide written confirmation that:

    • At least two properties have been sold in the same area
    • These properties must have sold within the last two months and
    • These properties are of similar type and construction.

    Revaluations are not available for simple home improvements such as double-glazing because this does not significantly increase the property value.

    If the index valuation figure is challenged, a member of our Mortgage Processing team will contact you once the application has been submitted to discuss the appeal further.

    Please be aware that the revaluation result could be lower than the client’s estimate. Or, it may be less than the current index-linked value.

    If the product required can be achieved without revaluation, or you feel an appeal is unlikely to achieve the desired result, you should continue with the application using the index valuation figure.

    If the revaluation fails to provide the necessary figure to obtain the preferred product, there is no right of appeal.