Income, Treatment - Other Income

Please be advised that if your applicant has been financially affected by Covid-19 different verification processes may be in place to those listed below. Please see our Covid-19 support page for further information.

Basic Income/Contract TypeAcceptable Income Y/NAmount to be KeyedAmount used for Affordability
Attendance AllowanceY100%60%
Additional Duty Hours (ADH)* See noteY100%60% where non-guaranteed 100% where guaranteed*
Adoption AllowanceY100%60%
Carers AllowanceY100%60%
Constant Attendance AllowanceY100%60%
Child Benefit (0% if individual client earns more than £50,000)Y100%60%
Child Tax CreditY100%60%
Disability living AllowanceY100%60%
Employment & Support AllowanceY100%60%
Flexible BenefitY100%100%
Flight Pay/Allowance* See noteY100%60% where non-guaranteed 100% where guaranteed*
Foster Care Allowance (We will only use the amount used for tax purposes as income, therefore if the customer does not pay tax this income cannot be used.)Y100%60%
Guardian AllowanceY100%60%
Industrial Injuries Disablement BenefitY100%60%
Maintenance (as other income)Y100%60%
Mortgage SubsidyY100%60%
Nursing Bank* See noteY100%60% where non-guaranteed 100% where guaranteed*
Other (Includes Seasonal and Piecework)N0%0%
Personal Independence PaymentY100%60%
Pension - CreditY100%100%
Pension - Private (including company/occupation)Y100%100%
Pension - StateY100%100%
Pension - War DisablementY100%100%
Pension - War WidowerY100%100%
Savings/Investments/Trust IncomeN0%0%
Shift Allowance* See NoteY100%60% where non-guaranteed 100% where guaranteed*
Widowed Parent Allowance (including Widow's Pension)Y100%60%
Working Tax CreditsY100%100%


*Please note: For additional duty hours, flight allowance, nursing bank or shift allowance we will average the last 3 months payslips (last 6 where paid fortnightly or last 12 where paid weekly).  Provided that each payment is within 10% of the average we will allow 100% of the income, otherwise we will allow 60%.

Example - Month 1 £95, Month 2 £100, Month 3 £105.  Total income £300, average £100pm.  As each payment is between £90 (10% below average) and £110 (10% above average) we can treat as guaranteed.  If one of the payments was below £90 or above £110 we would treat as non guaranteed even if the total income across the 3 months was the same.