Concessionary Purchase

Concessionary purchases can only be agreed for subsequent sales (not new build) in the following circumstances:

  • The property purchase is solely for the applicant(s) to live in as their main residence and the applicant is:
  • Purchasing from an immediate family member* at a discounted price (minimum of 10% discount is required) and the vendor must move out on completion


  • A sitting tenant purchasing from their landlord (private or council) at a discounted price (excluding Right to Buy)
  • To qualify, the tenant must have been subject to a tenancy agreement on the property for a minimum of 1 year

*The only   relationships permitted for a concessionary purchase are (including vice versa):

  • Parent/child, siblings/sibling, grandparent or great grandparent /grandchild, These relationships can include adopted, half and step family members.

All family purchase transactions must provide vacant possession on completion. The discount on the purchase price must be a minimum of 10% of the market value and must be a genuine discount (must not be subject to any future repayment, clawback or retained interest terms).

  • A valuation must be instructed in all cases including properties in Scotland (retypes are not permitted).

As the application results can differ on these cases once the correct purchase price has been keyed, you must contact The TSB Intermediary Processing Team for all applications for Concessionary Purchase. This will ensure correct underwriting of the case has been carried out at the time of application.