Unacceptable lets

Not available for

  • Companies or trusts.
  • Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs).
  • Holiday lets.
  • Property may not be let
    • Asylum seekers or persons with diplomatic immunity.
    • Designated student accommodation.
    • Properties where tenants have exclusive use of services.
    • Tenancies where the rent is guaranteed by the builder.
  • Applications will not be accepted where the purchaser intends letting the property to a housing association or local authority.
  • Or where the purchaser intends letting the property to the seller on a 'sale and leaseback' arrangement.
  • Or for customers looking to let temporarily during the mortgage term and then themselves or a family member reoccupy

Not available for properties which require renovation prior to letting. This does not include minor redecoration, but the property needs to be in sufficiently good condition that the valuer believes it is immediately habitable and can provide an immediate rental figure per month. For example, where a property requires complete replacement of the bathroom and/or kitchen, this would render it ineligible for a Buy-to-Let application.