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    Our brand new mortgage system, TSB Mortgage Pro, is here. So, if you’d like to make a new application, follow the link and you’ll be taken to our new site. Or you can copy and paste the link into your browser: https://intermediary.mg.tsb.co.uk - Don’t forget to update your favourites list with the new link.

    To use our new system, either update your details and simply click on the ‘Forgotten password’ link to update your password and security details, or, please use the 'Register for TSB Intermediaries' link. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to log in. – It’s that straight forward.

    With TSB Mortgage Pro you’ll be able to key new applications in around 15 minutes, upload and instantly view documents relating to your application and share the same information with our underwriters for all cases in one online view.

    You can still continue to full application with any DIPs that you have already keyed into our old system.

    But all DIP’s on the old system must be converted to a full mortgage application by 9:00pm on Friday 23rd February. After this date, you will need to re-key the information onto the new system.

    From then on you won’t be able to manage existing DIPs on the old system. So whilst these won’t be transferred to the new system, you’ll be able to manage them over the phone by calling 0345 307 3355. From here, you can make changes to loan amounts, loans types, porting and new properties.

    To proceed with your DIP on the old system, log on here.

    If you have not yet registered with us and would like us to contact you with more information, please complete our form and we’ll be in touch.

    If you are already registered with TSB, please click on forgotten password to re-set your security for our new system.