• Buy-to-Let market rent appeal process

    How to appeal

    If your client would like to appeal a market rent of a property valuation, they must provide the following:

    • 3 comparable properties rented within the last 3 months which are receiving a similar rental figure. Details of how the properties compare with the subject property in terms of size, age, condition and the distance from that subject property must be provided.
    • A minimum of 6 months bank statements and corresponding Tenancy agreement can be provided in addition to the above comparables, to support a market rent appeal. As bank statements provide the income without agency fees, the gross income can be documented within Section 4 Further Details of the TSB Valuation and Market Rent Appeal Form.

    You will need to complete the TSB Valuation and Market Rent Appeal Form. The completed form and any supporting documentation should be sent to [email protected]. The email subject title must include the full property address, application ID and state it is for a valuation appeal.