Employment contracts

Subcontractors, fixed/short term contracts and agency workers

  • Applications will be considered from the above employment types, providing that:
    - The applicant has a current continuous contracting employment of 12 months or more, with 6 months of the contract remaining; or
    - The applicant has 2 years’ continuous service in the same type of contracting employment.
  • Evidence of their employment track record may be required
  • Applicants should be treated as self employed if they pay their own tax or subcontract to more than one company.

IT and Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) Contractors

  • IT and CIS contractors must be treated as self employed.


Probationary contracts

  • If the applicant is on a probationary contract, when keying the application select Probationary from the contract type dropdown menu on the employment screen.

Applicants who have an initial probationary period at the start of their permanent contract are not included in the above and can be treated as permanent.


Zero hours contracts

Can be considered subject to Underwriter referral.